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Desert-Friendly Plants That You Should Consider For Your Landscaping

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Types of Plants That Thrive in a Desert Garden Though deserts are known for being arid, dry and sandy, there are certain types of plants that can thrive in this harsh climate. Choosing the right type of plant can transform your sandy backyard into a lush oasis. The right desert-friendly plants can add beauty to

Fantastic Landscaping Tips and Ideas That Make Your House Look Amazing

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Landscaping Designs to Complement Your Home Landscaping is broad and there are so many ways to do it. You've probably noticed that there are many different designs and they all look fantastic, but you want to choose a design that complements your home. A bad idea can make your home look small or out of

What Can You Do to Create an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Oasis at Home?

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Tips on Creating an Eco-Friendly Backyard Space Whether you want to create a new eco-friendly yard or are planning on redesigning your already existing space, one of the best ways to enjoy nature is to create a wonderful oasis. An eco-friendly outdoor space can promote the thriving of wildlife and plants, lower your home’s impact

Garden Landscaping Trends for Large and Small Residential Gardens that Conserve Water

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Popular Landscaping Ideas for 2020 Garden landscaping trends include popular flowering plants, shrubs and hardscapes. Even a small area can be transformed into a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature. Here are a few of the garden trends in 2020. Vertical Garden Landscaping Trends With the wide selection of landscape rocks in Las Vegas

Top Smart Irrigation Tips for Drought-Prone Las Vegas Lawns and Gardens

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Helpful Irrigation Tips for Maintaining Las Vegas Yards Las Vegas is known for many things. One thing that residents recognize is consistent droughts and water restrictions. It's understandable because it ensures that everyone gets water, but it makes it hard to maintain your lawn. These smart irrigation tips will ensure that you can easily keep

Tips on How to Create Your Very Own Outdoor Desert Oasis

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How to Create an Outdoor Desert Oasis If you live in a hot desert environment, you might think that obtaining a beautiful desert oasis is out of your reach. However, you will be delighted to know that this is possible, and you won't have to use tons of water to maintain it either. Here are

Balancing Vibrant and Colorful Desert Flowers With Sandy Landscaping Elements

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Best Flower Colors for Sandy Desert Landscaping Landscaping can be difficult because it's easy to do too much or too little and have the whole design look bad. Picking the right color is essential because you don't want desert flowers that contrast the design too much or too little. Choosing the perfect balance of colors

Simple and Hardy Plants for Landscaping that Resist Drought in Nevada

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Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Nevada Landscaping Many people associate low maintenance with low quality, but there are many plants that require very little attention and look absolutely gorgeous. The following plants work with your landscaping and are resistant to droughts while basically growing on their own. Trailing Lantana Low-Maintenance Plants This is the most resilient

How to Make a Zen-Inspired Backyard With Natural Paving Stones

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Using Natural Paving Stones for Your Backyard Landscaping You are probably familiar with how most people use paving stones. They are usually rectangular and placed like cobblestones or bricks. This is one way to use them, but don’t let those predictable designs limit you or the material. If you are seeking a laid back, meditative

Affordable Landscaping Rocks in Las Vegas

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Top Three Best Affordable Landscaping Rocks There are many decorative rocks to choose from and each is set at a different price. If you're looking to make your Las Vegas landscaping look wonderful without spending all your money, then these affordable landscaping rocks might be exactly what you need. They're easier on the wallet and

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