Like the idea of adding decorative rock accents to your landscaping, but don’t know how to incorporate it into your home’s current look? Well, rocks are not just for desert themed homes, and there are plenty of ways to use rocks in unique and creative designs that will make all the neighbors jealous.

rock pathway

Add Accents to Your Pathways

Rocks can really add a striking contrast between two areas, and they are easy to maintain. Try adding a few different colored rocks into the mix to add a unique accent.

Turn Rocks into Works of Art

Painted rocks make unique, color additions to your home. You could paint stone garden markers for a lovely reminder of what you planted where.  You could paint larger rocks with a pattern of your choice and make a simple stone pathway.  Or you could just throw some painted stones into your rock border to make it a little more interesting.

Add Raised Landscaping

If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious and want to create something truly original, try your hand at raised landscaping.  Experiment with different colors and textures to get a look that will have heads turning.

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