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The term “river rock” refers to a diverse group of rocks that have been worn and rounded by the action of moving water. River rocks are most often found on beaches and in stream beds and can come in a range of sizes, colors and textures.

Black Polished River Pebbles
Black Polished River Pebbles

Arizona River Rock
This natural river rock is used for ground cover, water feature accents, or a dry riverbed. Available in 3 sizes: ¾”- 1½”, 1½”- 3”, 3”-6”.

Mexican Beach Pebbles
Mexican Beach Pebbles are hand picked and sorted, so they are incredibly consistent in size and color with very little broken pieces. Add some Mexican Beach pebbles for a high quality accent.

Mixed Polished River Rocks
So Smooth. Great to Accent a plant or fountain.

Yellow Polished River Pebbles
Yellow Polished Pebbles give bring a warm look to whatever they are added to.  I am not good at writing this froofy stuff.  They are awesome looking yellow pebbles.

White Polished River Pebbles
White polished river rocks are mixture of soft colors that will decorate your landscape with beauty.

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