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Get Just The Facts From Parsons Rocks (Frequently Asked Questions that is).

Where Are You Located?2022-08-30T08:56:59-07:00

We are just east of the 95/515/11/ whatever else you want to call it freeway, on the North side of the road.  Our cross streets are Sunset and Gibson.

Do you guys install?2022-08-30T08:57:09-07:00

Nope!  We sell the material. If you need help finding a qualified installer we are happy to refer someone to you.

Do you guys deliver?2022-08-30T08:57:14-07:00

We do.  We typically give a 2-4 hour window for delivery, and can call you when we are on the way if you like.

How fast can you deliver?2022-08-30T08:52:43-07:00

In most cases we can accommodate a next day delivery.

Does your website contain everything you offer?2022-08-30T08:53:26-07:00

Our paver manufacturers have a wide product line of products that we can offer. It’s quite expansive and can blow your mind. Want to do a patio entirely out of the shape of the state of Texas? It’s possible.

Do you sell plants?2022-08-30T08:54:08-07:00

No, plants are dumb. They die. Pavers and rocks live forever.

Can I get a bucket of rock for a planter?2022-08-30T08:54:55-07:00

We are here to help. If you need 1 river rock to paint or 1000 tons for a project we are here to help.

Can I pick up some samples?2022-08-30T08:55:51-07:00

Yes! We have samples available on location at our shop.


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