3 Types of Flagstones to Use in Your Vegas Home

The irregular shape of flagstones has made these types of paving materials popular for centuries. These types of paving stones come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and many different types of stones are used to make flagstones. Here are three of the most popular types of flagstones for Las Vegas homes.

1. Gold Quartzite Flagstones

Quartzite is a type of mineral that is commonly occurring in many areas of the world. This stone comes in many different colors, and gold quartzite is one of the most beloved varieties. Depending on your angle of view, gold quartzite can appear to shine like gold in the sunlight. This type of flagstone can be used to pave walkways, line wells, or even make low or high walls.

2. Silver Amber Quartzite Flagstones

Silver amber quartzite is another common type of this mineral. Like gold quartzite, silver amber quartzite lets off a metallic sheen when it catches the sun. However, silver amber quartzite is silver in color, and the sheen that it creates in the sun is also silvery. This type of flagstone is commonly used to line walkways or patios.

Like other types of flagstone, silver amber quartzite flagstone isn’t usually cut into regular geometric shapes. Instead, pavers use their artistic talents to determine how to arrange flagstones so that these irregular shapes line up with each other perfectly.

3. Oak Flagstones

Oak flagstone is another type of mineral that is frequently used to pave the walkways or driveways of Las Vegas home. This type of flagstone got its name from its similarity to the color of oak wood. Oak flagstone is usually thicker than quartzite flagstone, and it has a matte appearance. While quartzite flagstone can sometimes be flaky like shale, oak flagstone is thick and solid. This type of flagstone is commonly chosen for driveways due to these qualities.