3 Types of Residential Landscape Rocks to Consider

As a homeowner, one of your priorities is to keep your property healthy through maintenance and repairs as necessary. From there, you can focus on the aesthetics. Landscape rocks in Las Vegas are a wonderful way to add aesthetic touches to your landscape and hardscape. They can be functional, too, as you can use them to line walkways and cover over structural pieces that must remain in place.

Here are three types you might consider purchasing.


Among the common types of rocks for landscaping in Las Vegas is the river type. It is smooth thanks to moving motion of river waters where it is procured. It is available in white, black and brown. You can also purchase them in a mixture of all three colors with varying shades of intensity. The river kind is between small and medium-sized, so it takes up more space than pebbles, for example.


Pebbles are smaller than the river kind. Since they are procured near water, they, too, tend to be smooth. Pebbles are available in white, black, brown as well. Anytime you purchase them for your property, they are hand-sorted. This means that you can be confident the quality will be high and the shapes, as well as color, will be consistent.


Boulders fall into the large size category. Within that category, though, they can be procured in a variety sizes. Due to their size, they are a wonderful finishing touch for your home. A bolder helps anchor the overall theme of your property, and if absolutely necessary, you can use them to cover any imperfections that may exist.

Rocks, including river, pebbles and boulders, are wonderful additions to your property. They can line your walkway, cover up imperfections and be used to create outdoor design masterpieces.