The old-fashioned “lawn” is still seen in America; but garden enthusiasts everywhere are turning to a much more modern approach when it comes to yard space. Indeed, there is hardly anything so impractical as a patch of grass, unless you have a cow to go with it.

garden fruit

(1) Grow Free Food Instead
With the rising cost of groceries and the expense of fuel to get them to your home, growing food that does well in your climate is a money-saving and beautiful option.

(2) Make it Vegas-Friendly
With the endless westside sunlight, be sure to furnish your Vegas garden with fade-resistant furniture and plant life that doesn’t mind the dry climate.

(3) Create Your Aesthetic
One of the most desired traits of the modern garden is to be practical, with additional accents to boost the ambience. Water fixtures and lights keep things interesting and easily improve the outdoor atmosphere.

Auf wiedersehen, lawn – you are out. Hello, beautiful practicality.