3 Maintenance Tips for Your Las Vegas Pavers

A great way to spruce up your property is to improve the hardscape so that it illuminates the landscape. Pavers in Las Vegas can be used to create a walkway and line the perimeter of your lawn. They can also be used to set down an even and decorative surface where you can park your car. This material, like any other that lives outside, requires maintenance. Here are three tips to consider.

Clear Weeds and Moss

When you notice anything that begins to grow in between the pavers of your property in Las Vegas, you are encouraged to clear it out. This is especially important for weeds and moss that begin to show itself. While they may seem harmless, over time, they can lead to other growths that may shift the material and become difficult to remove. Plus, they can ruin the luster of the floor.

Clean with a Pressure Washer

To clean pavers that are used on your property in Las Vegas, you are encouraged to use a pressure washer. The pressure from this type of washing forces anything sitting in between each piece out including remnants of any remaining weeds or moss. You can also use water, a mild soap and mop to clean the area.

Keep the Joints Filled

Eventually, crevices are going to form in between each paver on your Las Vegas property. When you notice empty spaces, filling them with sand is recommended. Keeping each piece stable and secure in its place prevents unnecessary shifting that leads to quicker wear and tear. Once the joints are filled, remove any excess sand. Your goal is to set it. Pounding each piece helps the sand settle. Spraying it with water helps it stick better.

If you would like more maintenance tips or a visual inspection of the condition of your pavers, you can always contact professionals for their opinion and advice.