Rock garden landscaping is an excellent way to use land that isn’t suitable for many plants, trees, or shrubbery. Sloping surfaces work well for this landscape strategy because the incline assists with drainage. Consider these ideas:

rock garden

(1) Hillside Rock Garden

Use a variety of rocks and boulders to provide ground cover for the slope you are landscaping. Add a mix of alpine poppies or pinks, bitter root, or oregano. Self-seeding perennials help these types of gardens grow fast and offer diversity!

(2) Rock Garden with Waterfalls or Fountains

Stack flat stones to create waterfalls within your rock garden for a dramatic effect. Fountains nestled in the midst of a rock garden add additional charm to this landscaping strategy.

(3) Stone Wall Rock Garden

Integrate a winding stone wall constructed of flat stones surrounded by various plants and boulders within your rock garden.

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