How To Control Weeds In Your Yard

Weeds are common in different types of climates and settings and can affect the quality of your property. Over time, weeds can kill grass and plants that are present due to their presence. If you want to protect your landscaping and allow it to continue looking beautiful, there are a few ways to control weeds in your yard.

Mow At The Right Height

You may not realize that the height of the grass can determine how much weeds grow and flourish. Although shorter grass may look attractive, longer grass in the yard can tame weeds if the lawn is fertilized and watered correctly. Longer grass is known to shade the soil and also keeps the lawn coolers to limit how much weeds grow. If the weeds sprout, they won’t be getting enough sunlight to thrive and take over the property.

Use A Small Pressure Sprayer

Killing weeds upon contact will prevent them from getting out of control and can protect your yard on a continuous basis. You may not need an extensive treatment to kill the weeds if only a few are growing and your lawn is healthy. Carefully inspect the lawn to kill any weeds that are present with chemicals that will stop them in their tracks. Use diluted herbicide, which will prove to be effective and works quickly upon contact.

Add Pavers

If you want to protect your garden or plants outside, you can buy pavers Las Vegas to separate the lawn from areas that need to be kept away from where weeds are most likely to grow. Pavers will not only contribute to the design and curb appeal of your home but will also be functional as they make it difficult for weeds to reach specific areas of the yard. The pavers will even frame flower beds and trees to ensure that the yard looks tidy and is maintained well.