Trendy Landscape Stones: The Ticket to a Beautiful Yard

Using trendy landscape stones is an easy way to bring a pop of originality to your property. These rocks, which come in a variety of sizes, textures, and shapes, can make a property look well taken care of. They’re low maintenance: no mowing required. If you’re looking for driveway paving stones in Las Vegas, or any other stone for your yard, read on for some inspiration.

Create a Beautiful Walking Path

Since a desert backyard tends to have a lot of sand that’s hot and not so pleasant to walk on, a stone pathway is the perfect remedy. Pretty much any type of stone will work for this job, as long as it provides an even surface to walk on. This stone walkway will help break up large blocks of open space as well, creating a more pleasing atmosphere for you and your guests.

Build a Stone Fire Pit

Though deserts are hot during the day, they can be pretty chilly once the sun sets. A stone fire pit made of trendy landscape stones is the ticket to staying warm on those cooler nights. If you have other stone installed in your yard, use the same style rocks to build your fire pit for cohesion. If you want to go all out, use large stones for seating around the pit.

Trendy Landscape Stones Make Great Borders

Smaller rocks can look great when used as borders for walkways or to outline garden areas. These stones help pull everything together, making the rest of the landscape pop and look professional. Use landscape stones around plants, under trees, to line pathways, and to draw the eye to certain areas of the yard. The possibilities are endless. #rocks #landscaping