4 Grey Water Irrigation Tips for Healthy Plants

Grey water is gently used water from your personal kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, washer, bathtub, etc. that has not come into contact with any human feces. While grey water can contain traces of household cleaners, dirt, or grease, it can be recycled for use on healthy plants. Read below to learn more grey water irrigation tips.

Be Mindful of the PH

Many plants thrive in soil that is somewhat acidic. You can give the used grey water to plant species that are more tolerant of slightly less acidic soil such as chickweed or chicory, or you could add materials to the soil that increases the acidity, such as coffee grinds or animal manure for healthy plants.

Use the Grey Water Within a Day

Any grey water coming from your home should be used within 24 hours because if the grey water sits, pathogens and bacteria have more time to grow and multiply. This is one of the main reasons why plant experts do not use fecal matter as a compost. If you are using the grey water for irrigation, you can run the grey water through a wetland for filtrating the bacteria or pathogens.

Live in a Warmer Climate

Any frozen ground could runoff and pollute local water in your area. Instead, it would be wise to divert the grey water into a septic tank for the winter, or you should avoid using grey water altogether if you live in a climate that is cold year-round.

Use a Drip Irrigation System Correctly for Healthy Plants

If the grey water system you want to use is part of a larger drip irrigation system, you need to make sure that the grey water itself is filtered enough to enter the pipes. To accomplish this, you may need to install a fine mesh screen over the pipe that connects from the grey water to the drip irrigation system. This mesh filter will help to prevent materials, including hair from a shower or lint from clothes blocking up the irrigation system. Because drip irrigation systems are generally installed below the ground, it can be difficult to know when a pipe is blocked until your plants show indications of water deficiency. Things like driveway paving stones in Las Vegas can help with the irrigation system as well.