The key to creating a well rounded landscape design is to add a path. Paths can especially be great for those who have a smaller yard as this will make it seem more spacious. Paths are a good option because they don’t necessarily have to lead to a destination. Their main purpose can be solely to create movement for the eye to follow. If you have a larger back yard with a shed or a pool, a path can accentuate your design and serve a functional purpose. The addition of a path in your backyard can help encourage exploration and make the design much more interesting. Here are 4 tips to creating a great back yard path design.



1. Consider placement

It is important to plan out where you would like to place your path ahead of time. This will allow you to asses possible issues before installation. Some of the things to look out for are possible slopes or low spots that might cause problems later. Figuring out exactly where you want to place your path will also allow you to clear space in the spot desired. It is always important to have a plan of action before you begin work to ensure your path desires are feasible.

2. Consider drainage

Summer monsoons are powerful enough to drop several gallons of rainfall on your roof and path. It is important to make sure you path does not fall in an area of your yard that is prone to roof drainage. This could cause you path to become damaged. It is also important to install drainage areas if you path runs through a wet spot. Puddles could damage and render your path useless. If your path is in a drainage area and you have chosen materials that are lightweight, it is possible that they will wash away during summer storms.

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3. Consider materials

There are a number of different materials to chose from once you decide to install a path. Path materials can be anything from flagstone or concrete to wood or bricks. It is important to assess what the purpose of the path will be when deciding on materials. If the path is for decoration, you may want to use materials which are more lightweight or decorative. If your path will serve a functional purpose, you may want to consider more durable materials to ensure they stay rooted where you placed them.

4. Consider curves

A curved path is a great way to focus the theme of the landscape. The addition of a curve to the side yard of your house will create an air of mystery for those viewing the path. Curves are a good way to slow down the eye and make it notice the subtleties of your landscape. You could also have your path curve around your garden, which will allow anyone using it to see every aspect of your hard work.

Flagstone in Las Vegas is a great material to consider for you path because it can withstand weight and the heat of the harsh summers. If you are interested in flagstone path installation, call the experts at Parsons Rocks at (702) 566-7625 today.