cabo carvoeiro on a clear day

The gorgeous Cabo Carvoeiro in Portugal

Some of the most impressive and awe-inspiring natural creations on Earth are rock formations. Formed over thousands of years, rock formations appear unfathomable and create a sense of amazement. Here are five of the most incredible and stunning rock formations from around the world.

1. Stone Forest – China

Made of limestone, these rock formations appear to grow from the ground and create a forest of stone trees. Believed to be over 270 million years old, the Stone Forest is a major travel destination in China. It’s not difficult to see why.

the entrance to the stone forest in china

Entrance to the Stone Forest in China

Photo by Wilson Loo
An above look at the stone forest

A view from above the Stone Forest

 Photo by Lisa

2. Giant’s Causeway – Ireland

Created by an ancient volcano, over 40,000 interlocking basalt columns make up the Giant’s Causeway. With some columns measuring over 30 feet, this 60 million year old rock formation is listed as one of the greatest natural wonders in the United Kingdom.

columns of the giants causeway next to water

Columns of the Giant's Causeway in Ireland

 Photo by Alex Ranaldi
some of the 40,000 columns of the giants causeway

Even more of the 40,000 columns that make up the Giant's Causeway

Photo by Sean Lucas

3. Wave Rock – Australia

With the shape of a breaking oceanic ripple, Wave Rock brings over 140,000 tourists to Australia each year. With a height of over 45 feet, Wave Rock is one of the best examples of a flared slope formation in the world.

wave rock with people standing in the background

Tourists visiting Wave Rock in Australia

 Photo by Stu Rapley
wave rock on a clear day

Another look at beautiful Wave Rock

 Photo by Jurriaan Persyn

4. Ko Tapu Island – Thailand

Rising from the water is the incredible rock formation of Ko Tapu, otherwise known as James Bond Island after its appearance in The Man with the Golden Gun. This 66 foot limestone rock is just a sliver of a former barrier reef, and features trees growing straight out of the stone.

Ko Tapu island on a clear day

Trees cover the surface of Ko Tapu Island

 Photo by: Xavi
ko tapu island with clouds in the background

Another look at the beautiful Ko Tapu Island

Photo by: Jason Teale

5. Landscape Arch – Utah

Located in Moab, Utah, the Landscape Arch is the longest natural arch in the world. The arch stretches over 290 feet and is made of very thin sandstone that experts say could collapse at any time.

landscape arch on a clear day

A look up at the Landscape Arch in Moab, Utah

Photo by: daveynin
a vertical look at the landscape arch

Landscape Arch from a different view

Main Image by: wordman1

Rock formations appear all over the world, what are some of your favorite stone structures you’ve seen?