5 Classic Pavement Designs for Your Home

Incorporating a classic design into the pavement on your driveway, patio and outdoor walkways not only enhances the look of your home, but it increases its value as well. Choosing the perfect style is a snap when you know what pattern is going to complement the area you’re interested in transforming. Here are five classic pavement designs to consider.

Basket Weave

Great for driveways and patios, the basket weave design provides the most traditional look with a strong pattern that offers maximum stability for bearing heavier loads of weight. This simple, yet eye-catching, design is created by laying two pavers vertically and then two horizontally in a repeated pattern for a rich textured appearance.


A classic herringbone pattern is laid at a 45 to 90 angle depending on the visual effect you want to create. This is another design that works well for driveways due to its ability to withstand significant amounts of weight while offering a stately, layered look.


Cobblestone is an old-fashioned and highly popular style of pavement that adds warmth to any patio, walkway or garden. The pavers used to create a cobblestone appearance are customarily square or round and ordinarily laid in a repeated horizontal pattern.


For a timeless and elegant design, the diamond pattern is perfect for creating space and dimension simply by laying the pavers point to point in consistent rows. The effect of this pavement style can be enhanced by using contrasting colors and/or varying the sizes of the square pavers.

Stretcher Bond Pavement Designs

Stretcher bond is one of the simplest paving patterns. Pavers are laid in a traditional brick-wall style that provides an eye-pleasing, uniform appearance that’s great for walkways and gardens.

Having some pavement patterns in mind when you’re looking for pavers in Las Vegas helps you create the beautiful driveway, patio or walkway of your dreams.