Now that summer is here, you surely need no excuse to spend time outside. Because you’ll likely find yourself outside much more frequently, your outdoor space should be enticing. Rock designs can do wonders for breathing new life into your yard and can enhance just about any type landscape. If you’re unsure where to start with stone landscaping for your lawn, we have six ideas below that will make your property the place to be this summer.

1. Install a waterfall

house waterfall

Photo by Erin Nekervis

Here’s one way to make your yard “cooler” this summer—and all year round. Take inspiration from nature and create a rock waterfall that mimics a real waterway’s curves and twists. A mixture of boulder sizes will help the design look natural.

2. Build a doghouse

stone doghouse

Photo by Centurion

Your pooch appreciates good landscaping, too. Building a doghouse is a great way to use up leftover stone. Use a sturdy plastic house as your foundation, and lay the rocks around its frame.

3. Design a fire pit

firepit made from rocks

Photo by Marion Doss

While the temperatures during the days might be sweltering, nothing beats sitting around a fire pit on a breezy summer night.

4. Become a master illusionist

stone retaining wall

Photo by Michael

If a rock garden isn’t your thing, you still have options for dealing with your unlevel lawn. One of the best: create an illusion of evenness with a stone retaining wall and rock steps. Just keep the wall below 4 feet tall so you can avoid having to obtain a building permit.

5. Create a Japanese garden

japanese rock garden

Photo by Pamla J. Eisenberg

A Japan-inspired landscape has many benefits—plentiful lounging nooks and a clean, eye-pleasing design—but the biggest bonus just may be that it requires zero mowing.

6. Showcase your favorite feature

tree surrounded by stones

Photo by Erika Smith

If your front bed has a particularly vibrant plant or charming tree, draw attention to the standout feature by enclosing it in a simple semicircle of rocks. Just make sure to allow room for growth!

Have you settled on a landscape? If you could use some more suggestions or are ready to rock, contact Parsons Rocks at 702-566-7625 for everything you need to make your design dreams a reality.