Ideas for Using Bricks in Las Vegas Landscaping

Bricks are more than just great natural stones that can make for a sturdy structure. When used properly, bricks can add structural support as well as a decorative element to your landscaping. There are many ways to use bricks in Las Vegas landscaping such as using them as a garden wall, creating a decorative path and more. If you are looking for ways that you can use your leftover or recycled bricks in your landscaping, here are some tips to help you out.

Create a Decorative Path

Rather than just have a simple concrete walkway, you can use old bricks to create a path that is functional as well as lovely to look at. Add a decorative element to the paths within your garden by laying bricks in a pattern that is eclectic and beautiful. Not only can this help separate the various parts of your yard, but it can enhance its beauty in a way that is subtle yet eye-catching.

Use Bricks for Las Vegas Garden Seating

While you might consider adding bricks around your flowerbed or creating a pathway with them, you can do so much more if you have a large amount of bricks at your disposal. Depending on how many bricks you have lying around, you might be able to create an entire bench for your garden. Simply stack them in a shape that is sturdy and secure, then add a few decorative pillows on top. This can give you a huge center piece for your garden, while also providing some comfortable seating at the same time.

Build a Brick Waterfall

Water is always a nice element to add to any outdoor space, especially when it is in the form of a waterfall. While there are lots of miniature waterfall features that you can add to your landscaping, they might not be enough to make an impact on their own. By building a brick wall around it, you can enhance the look of your waterfall, make it appear even larger than it is and much more. This can be a great way to get the look of a huge expensive water feature without spending nearly as much.

Separate Your Landscape Elements in Style

One of the things that makes a great landscaping job so spectacular is that it typically has a lot of different elements to it. The eye can enjoy a beautiful flower garden that is adjacent to a decorative patio and more. However, whenever elements such as your turf grass and garden meet, you might find yourself having to deal with weeds or even run into problems with mowing. By using bricks to lay down a decorative edge along your turf, you can prevent issues such as weeds, all while adding another visually pleasing element.

Add a Bird Bath

One of the wonderful things about incorporating bricks in Las Vegas landscaping is that they are so easy to stack that you can pretty much build anything. For example, bird baths are such a wonderful addition to any landscape, and are one of the easiest things to create. You can simply stack your bricks until you reach your desired height, place a decorative bowl on top, and you are good to go.

Decorating Your Las Vegas Turf With Bricks

Not only can you use bricks to help maintain your grass, but you can also use them in a way that enhances it as well. Rather than have a traditional path that goes around the perimeter of your yard, you can add various paths that go through your landscaping. Depending on the size of your property, you might be able to form many different paths that lead to designated seating and viewing areas such as your garden, waterfall, et cetera.

Turn Bricks Into Planters

Nowadays, many people are going green by using recycled items such as tires, bottles, and more in their gardens. With bricks being quite sturdy and having pre-made openings, they can be perfect to use as planters for your garden. Adding bricks in Las Vegas gardens can be functional and environmentally responsible. Also, you can even stack them horizontally to form a garden wall which can be such a nice touch to add to your property as well.

Create Random Art Pieces

If you are not the handiest person or just don’t have a need for a bird bath, brick bench, et cetera, then you can use your creativity instead. You can get out your paint brush and add colorful bricks to Las Vegas landscaping by using them as little decorative touches throughout. These can be used as accents for your garden, placed at the foot of your bird bath, surrounding your waterfall, and so much more. Allow your creative juices to flow and your personality to emerge, as your decorate your bricks in a way that expresses who you are. This can also be a great way to tie in your general color scheme, and bring cohesiveness to your property from the inside out.