Paver Materials

Pavers are an elegant landscaping enhancement that provide a safe, slip-proof surface for family members and guests who use your yard. It’s important to become familiar with the many types of pavers that are out there so that you can make the right choice when it comes to your landscaping. When you buy pavers in Las Vegas, you are making an investment that will enhance your enjoyment of your outside spaces and may well increase the value of your property. Here’s a look at some popular paver materials.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are extremely durable and very reasonably priced. In fact, concrete paver installations may cost less than poured concrete when it comes to landscaping projects. Thanks to the development of decorative concrete technologies, they also come in a wide assortment of shapes, colors, sizes and even textures. That makes it easy to find pavers that blend well with other aspects of your hardscaping and exterior landscaping. Pavers made of concrete require relatively little maintenance, and should a concrete paver break or become discolored, you’ll be able to find a replacement for it easily.

Limestone Pavers

Limestone is a rock that’s found in mountains all over the world, so it can add a natural look to your outside landscaping. Limestone comes in a variety of hues from grey to beige to light green. Though limestone is durable, it’s easy to cut into the paver shapes you need. Limestone is also a lot less slippery than concrete or granite.

Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone pavers are often used around swimming pools and water features because they’re porous and stand up to water damage. Sandstone pavers most often come in shades of tan, pink and yellow, but if the paver stone contains mineral impurities, they can be found in practically any color. They’re very durable and look great whether you install them as patio flooring or as part of a walkway through your garden.