Adding Water Features to a Desert Landscape

Waterfalls, ponds and fountains are popular water features in landscaping that take a garden to the next level. From the ordinary to the extraordinary a water feature is the key. You may have installed patio pavers in Las Vegas to help reduce the amount of water you need to keep your garden healthy, but a small fountain will not take much.

How to Plan a Water Feature?

Just because you have desert landscaping in your yard, doesn’t mean you can’t have a water feature too. Here are some things to consider when you choose the type of water feature you want.

• What is your source of water? An electric pump circulates the water, but it will evaporate a bit each day and you need a plan to keep the right amount of water in the feature.

• As mentioned above, your feature needs to be near an electrical outlet. Since it is recommended for desert landscaping features to be in the oasis or part of the garden you use the most, this shouldn’t be a problem.

• Algae will begin to grow in any water source, so you need a plan to keep the water clean, just as with a swimming pool.

• If you have a small waterfall, animals may be attracted when there is a drought. You need to place it away from a fence they can climb and if there is a pond, make sure they can climb out if they fall in.

• Mosquitoes aren’t usually a problem if you have a dripping type of feature over a stone or from a spout to the ground. If you have a fountain with a basin or a pond, you need to either add mosquito-repelling chemicals or get mosquito larvae-eating fish.

Water Features Are a Nice Touch to a Desert Landscape

You have created a desert landscape to save water, but that is no reason to avoid a water feature. With a little planning, you can also have the beauty and relaxing sound of splashing water. #rocks #landscaping