Although flagstone can be used by itself to enhance the property, it can also be used as a way to accentuate various property features. It can be an alluring addition as it will catch the eye and focus attention on the specific area.

Three Ways to Use Flagstone to Accentuate Property Features

When it comes to home design, flagstone can be extremely versatile. It can be used in a wide range of ways to add more visual appeal while increasing the value of the property. It’s a material that can be attractive whether it’s standing upright or laid down on the floor or ground. When you’re ready for the next renovation project, consider what flagstones in Las Vegas can do to enhance the experience for yourself and guests.

Surrounding the Fire Pit

Many homeowners in Las Vegas have a small fire pit in the backyard. This is a place where family and friends can gather when the sun goes down whether it’s to enjoy each other’s company or to relax after a long day. Flagstone can accentuate this pit while providing additional protection from the fire itself. With the ground covered in these stones, there is no fear of dumping the pit or sparks flying out to ignite the surrounding area.

Surrounding the Exterior of the Home

Surrounding the home with a sidewalk is common practice. However, flagstone gives the path a more natural and engaging look. Depending on how the stones are set into the ground, this could also give you additional protection from water damage. Foundations can be spared from leaking gutters and other complications as the stone may shield the area next to the house. In this regard, it’s adding longevity of the home as well as an attractive feature from a single installation. You could go a step further and use flagstone paving to make walkways to other areas of the property, which could help keep the lawn in excellent condition as well.

Indoor Areas with Fireplaces

One common practice for homeowners with fireplaces is to use flagstone as flooring in those rooms. It can be used as a way to give the area a natural look while being able to fit many different kinds of decorative motifs. It’s also ideal as it provides fire protection to the room by negating coals that pop out of the fireplace.