When you think about using landscaping rocks in your yard design, you may think about improving the aesthetic look of the yard. However, the right rocks can add functionality to your space as well.

How Landscaping Rocks Can Add Functionality to Your Yard

You can incorporate numerous types of landscaping rocks into your space, such as flagstone, pea gravel and many others, and many are often viewed as being an aesthetic addition to your space. However, the right combination of landscape rocks can be a functional addition as well. With a closer look at how rocks can functionally benefit your space, you may be ready to make some improvements to your yard soon.

Adding Paved Areas

One of the most common ways that rocks can be used to improve the functionality of a yard is through paving. You could create a hardtop with concrete when you want patios, pathways or more, but concrete may not give you the natural look you desire. Rocks can be used to add the functionality of paving while retaining the aesthetic look that you desire.

Overcoming Landscaping Design Challenges

You may have a number of landscaping design challenges in your space that you need to overcome, such as drainage issues, a steeply sloping lawn and more. The right combination of landscaping rocks will provide you with solutions to these problems. For example, beautiful rocks can provide you with a way to terrace a steeply sloping yard or to add a decorative drainage ditch that reduces signs of erosion.

Creating Your Design

When you are creating your landscaping design, it is important to think about what you want to achieve in your space and to familiarize yourself with the different types of landscaping rocks available. Each has a different purpose or function in your space and provides real benefits for you to enjoy. Your landscaping design professional can assist you in making a thoughtful decision about the rocks that are right for your space.