How to Use Victorian Paving Stones in Landscaping

Victorian paving stones have a rough texture and charming colors that make them ideal for landscaping. You can pick from colors like charcoal and blends of reds and browns. These stones are ideal for landscaping and even come in multiple sizes so that you can make intricate designs. This will give you a few ideas on how to add these stones to your landscaping.

Victorian Paving Stones Patterns

Laying stones in the right order can create intricate designs and patterns. It’s all about following the pattern. Victorian paving stones can be used to make patterns like herringbone, basket weave, straight or angled running bond, Spanish bond and more. These can be used to create walkways, patterns around gardens or borders around specific elements in your yard.

Adding Water

Adding a water element to your landscaping, such as a fountain, is always a beautiful idea. Victorian Pavers work incredibly well with water as they are quite durable and their colors will bring attention to the water. You can submerge them and have water run over the stones, or you can use them as a border around the fountain to make it appear even more magical and special. In either case, rough stones work very well with water elements. These landscape rocks in Las Vegas will go wonderfully with your yard.

Stepping Stones

Whether you’re doing traditional Victorian landscaping or not, you’ll find that Victorian Pavers work very well as stepping stones. This is similar to a stone walkway, but there is more space between the stones and you often use larger stones. While they will function somewhat like a walkway, this is more about creating an aesthetic and leading people around the yard and to important elements. Not only that, but using stepping stones is very easy and creates a lasting effect.