Top Three Best Affordable Landscaping Rocks

There are many decorative rocks to choose from and each is set at a different price. If you’re looking to make your Las Vegas landscaping look wonderful without spending all your money, then these affordable landscaping rocks might be exactly what you need. They’re easier on the wallet and look amazing.

Decomposed Gravel Landscaping Rocks

When you want affordable decorative rock in Las Vegas, then decomposed gravel is one of the best to choose. The word decomposed means that this comes from granite rock that has been weathered and broken down into tiny pieces. The color typically starts as a reddish-tan that fades to a lighter brown or tan. It’s best for pathways or around arid plants. It can also be used to contrast other more vibrant rocks.

Aside from looking good, it’s very accessible and one of the most affordable decorative rocks. Be sure to place landscaping fabric below the rock so that weeds don’t grow here.

Pea Gravel

This is named pea gravel because the rocks are usually the size of a pea, but you can easily find rocks that are smaller or larger and still be considered pea gravel. This is usually a mix of rocks in different colors like brown, black, tan, white and more. Each mix is at a different price point, but all of them are affordable.

These rocks have a visual texture because they are round, and each is a different color. This can be used to create elaborate designs with ease. The only disadvantage of this rock is that it can be hard to push wheeled equipment over the rock.

River Rocks

River rock is the largest on this list. These rocks are usually one inch in diameter and they’re often a light beige or white, but there are other colors as well. These can cover whole pathways if you’d like, or you can use them to line areas and add visual weight to your landscaping.