Artificial Grass Is a Good Garden Solution in Las Vegas

While some types of artificial grass are more durable than others, artificial grass in Las Vegas is still a good option for conserving water and reducing lawn maintenance.

Types of Artificial Grass

The least expensive and most commonly used is made from polypropylene. It is not the most durable kind and is recommended for smaller spaces. Since it has a low melting point, it may not be the best for large areas or places that receive constant sunlight. It can be useful for bordering pathways, small areas in front of an apartment and putting greens. Some people put it on an upstairs balcony for the appearance of a small garden. It comes in several styles.

Polyethylene artificial grass looks more natural than polyethylene and is softer than nylon grass. However, it is much more durable than polyethylene grass. Some people remark that polyethylene grass looks so real that they can’t tell the difference between it and natural grass.

Nylon Artificial Grass

Nylon is the most durable of all artificial grasses. It maintains its texture and appearance in high temperatures, so it is suitable for large areas and places where children and pets play. The pile is stiffer than the other types, so it is often used alongside polyethylene grass to increase stability and add strength.

Nylon grass is a good option for the area of your yard that gets a lot of foot or bicycle traffic that tends to destroy natural grass.

How to Maintain Artificial Grass

Your artificial grass will look good and last longer if you maintain it properly. It takes much less time and effort to keep it looking good than natural grass takes, but it still needs attention. You should sweep it regularly with a brush-style broom so leaves and other debris don’t collect on it.

If you want the beauty of a lawn but without the work of mowing, weeding, fertilizing and watering, artificial grass is a great option.