Mulched flagstone patios are a residential and commercial landscaping trend that keeps costs low and take advantage of the environment for a natural appeal.

The Mulched Flagstone Patio and How It’s Transforming Landscapes

Homeowners have been using flagstones in Las Vegas for decades to create patios and similar areas. These surfaces often have a common characteristic: a base. That base may be grout or pebbles, but it achieves the same purpose, which is suppressing growth from below. A new trend in flagstone patios, however, does away with that base in order to take advantage of the natural surroundings.

How the Surface Is Prepared

The initial step is similar to a traditional flagstone patio in that the area is marked, leveled and, if necessary, tilled to eliminate rocks and other obstructions. However, that’s where the preparation ends, which makes preparing your yard for a mulched flagstone patio a much easier process.

Creating the Patio Base

This kind of patio doesn’t have a traditional base like grout or pebbles, but it usually does have some form of base, such as the mulch itself and perhaps a sand layer below that. Depending on the yard in question, no base may be required. Sand generally helps with moisture and to provide a patio foundation, but it doesn’t interfere with growth, and the mulch serves as cushion for the stones as well as a material for the promotion of plant growth.

Laying the Stone

The key to flagstone landscaping is a natural aesthetic. When in doubt, a haphazard approach works well, and choosing contrasting flagstones in terms of color, size and shape can work to your advantage. Keep stones apart enough that growth is possible and trimming is convenient.

Lower Maintenance Requirements and Costs

Another advantage of these patios is that they’re easier to maintain. They conform to the land rather than transform it, and replacing, repairing or cleaning grout or a similar material usually isn’t a concern. Be mindful that pressure washing is less practical with this approach, so homeowners should choose their Las Vegas flagstones accordingly or look to an alternative cleaning method.