Beautiful Outdoor Patio Design Ideas Include Artificial Grass

Many people are planning to optimize their outdoor spaces to improve their comfort and style. As the weather gets warmer, you may start to spend most of your time outdoors. With many people still forced to work from home due to the ongoing pandemic, the outdoor space has more functions than before. People are adopting new designs, such as artificial grass, which focus on greater physical and mental health and sustainable lifestyles.

A Plethora of Choices

There are numerous patio ideas that you can choose from when planning a project. There are numerous ways to customize your outdoor living space, including using different materials, patio furniture, patio décor and designs. Some common materials used in patios include cement, stone, slate, wood, brick or granite sandstone, landscape rocks, and slate.

Where to Start

The standard process for initiating a patio project is creating a solid base. This will ensure that your patio is durable and long-lasting. The base can be constructed with sand, gravel and concrete and should measure between 6 and 8 inches deep. For the flooring material, you can use concrete for your patio, which is versatile. It can be shaped, painted and formed into patterns. Another material that can be used as a base is interlocking stone. Stones are gaining popularity in most homes since they can help drain rainwater. Here are some of the most popular patio designs for 2021.

Upgrade Furniture and Lighting

Lighting and furniture are crucial in creating a functional outdoor space. There have been new improvements in patio accessories and furniture. One such idea is using stylish hanging pendants and outdoor dining sets.

You can consider a wooden pergola with fiery pots. This can give you a perfect blend of charming and elegant retreats. Another popular trend is the use of stylish and complex metal outdoor dining chairs. Upgrade this with soft gray cushions and a pedestal dining table.

Flexible Conversation Areas

Flexible seating designs include footstools, easy-to-move chairs, and surfaces that can be used as tabletops and seats. This design will help you accommodate more people in your outdoor space. You can install furniture around a fire pit with a rim used as a footstool or a shelf. Other items that can be added include a rocking chair, extra seat, footstool and cocktail table.

If you are looking for space where you can relax after a long day or during the night, you can place curved sofas under a patio umbrella. The seating can also include deep armchairs, and the dining table can also be used for additional seating. Gas lanterns around the couch and string lights overhead help illuminate the night.

You can go an extra step further and add a flexible seating area around an outdoor bar or kitchen. This keeps you and your guest close to food and drinks while keeping the cook company. This resort-like retreat design also features seating with comfy throw pillows and a striped patio umbrella.

Destination Patio With Artificial Grass

A satellite patio idea is great if you have space in your yard. You can set it up further away from the house to fully maximize your outdoor space and draw you out to the garden. It also gives you a chance to get away to a more secluded area.

You can opt for a design that offers solid construction and modern built-in seating. This unique style of outdoor decor can enrich your style and privacy. Additional features include a deep vertical edge with a high-slated privacy screen that allows you to have quiet conversations in a tranquil and lush setting. It is essential that you consider how many people you would like to sit comfortably in your outdoor living space.

If you are a flower enthusiast, you can go for a hibiscus-laden veranda. It features thick green boughs surrounded by a beautiful bloom of pink hibiscus and artificial grass. The flowers are best used with a classic brick patio with large pots of other blooms arranged around the seating area. Such bold and impeccable designs do not require additional patio décor. You can choose the flowers and plants of your choice to include in your overall design when designing your patio space.

Go for a Pergola

During the warmer months, constructing a pergola can provide cooling shade to relax. It can also make your outdoor space more livable. A pergola can be as simple as four posts supporting four crossbeams and rafters with a lattice or slatted roof that offers filtered shade. The designs include features like mounted heaters, fully covered roofs and a fireplace that extends the outdoor living season.

A pergola is versatile, and depending on the material it is made of and where you position it, you can transform it from a functional feature to an aesthetic masterpiece. Additional features that you can include in your pergola include ceiling fans, lights and adjustable overhead slats to fire features, entertainment and outdoor kitchens.

You can have a pergola covered with plants hanging on the exterior and the inside. This will transform it into a garden room where you can incorporate vining or climbing plants, such as wisteria, ivy, clematis and roses.

You can customize your pergola to include a steel base with a wood slat top and a stylish rusty patina. This will provide shade for outdoor dining and during hot days. The modern rustic design complements your house’s modern aesthetic and the landscape’s earthy color palette.

Water Features

You can combine your outdoor patio design ideas with water features as part of your garden design. Ideas like a triple pod with decked walkways and artificial grass can enrich your patio design. Another great design is to combine water features with a fire area. This will bring out a modern design enriched with refreshing additions of water. When coming with ideas for your patio, unlikely mixes can bring out a perfect match.