artificial grassIncorporate Boulders Even With Artificial Grass

Landscaping your yard can be a big project. It can also be exciting because you are allowed to show your creative side with your yard. Boulders are a great way to add some color and dimension to your landscape. Even if you have a smaller yard, boulders look well with Las Vegas turf or artificial grass.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Big Rocks

When you visit the landscape supply yard, go for the big rocks. You may find that while shopping for rocks and boulders, you are underestimating the size you need because you are not physically at your property. It may be possible that the boulder you bring home looks very small compared to your house and landscape. Instead, go for a boulder you may deem a little too big. By doing so, you may find the rock is actually the right size.

Create Levels in Your Design

Due to the different boulder sizes that are available, you can build levels into your yard. First, you want to figure out where in your yard you would like to create these levels. Raised beds can be one way to do this. If your yard is sloped, you can also incorporate retaining walls. You can also use rocks and plants to build these levels. In order to define each level, use different dimensions for each boulder grouping. You can then use smaller stones and greenery to add to the levels.

Add Drama With Specialty Boulders

Using boulders that have different mineral compositions can create a variety of colors and textures in your landscape design. You can also group the rocks by color or texture to impact your yard more visually. Another option may be to group rocks by shape. You can use water-smoothed rocks for one part of your garden and blocky stones to accentuate another part of your yard.

Create a Mood With Color

When you match ivory stones with black boulders, it can make your landscape look striking. Adding vibrant-colored rocks like yellow and red can also highlight the greenery in your garden. You can also incorporate moss and lichen-covered boulders into your garden. Boulders are a great way to add color variety to your garden. You can also use color to help create a mood for your garden. With color, you can create spaces that are calming and stimulating.

Use Textures as Accents

You can use a variety of textures in your landscape design like contrasting smooth with angular boulders. Limestone boulders and boulders covered in moss can also allow you to get creative with your landscape design.

Adding limestone rocks to your garden can make for an interesting focal point because these rocks have interesting holes throughout their surface. They can bring intrigue to your yard and impress your guests when they come over to visit.

Incorporate Lighting

You can use lighting in your landscape to highlight the boulders in your yard. Try using different light bulbs to decide what is most suitable. A bulb that highlights a small spot and a bulb that has a wide-angle floodlight is going to create different effects.

You may want to use a bulb that has a warmer light to create intimacy. Also, you want to decide on the positioning of your light source. You may want to put it behind the boulder or above it. It is also possible to use a wall or tree to further highlight the boulder.

Use Boulder Placement to Build a Theme

Getting inspiration from a garden theme can be a great way to incorporate boulders into your yard. If you are inspired by the rock gardens in Japan, you can replicate this by putting a white boulder with smaller smooth rocks surrounding it to give your landscape a more tranquil feel.

You can also create the illusion of a waterfall by putting boulders together in a cascading fashion. If you have a water feature on your landscape, you can create an actual waterfall. Adding a single border to your landscape can also add some drama to your garden. When deciding where to put the boulder, follow your instinct.

Use Your Artificial Grass Landscape to Determine Boulder Placement

You mainly want to create a landscape that is going to complement the aesthetic of your home. When selecting a boulder, think about the style of your house. Your landscape should work cohesively with your house. Use the shapes and dimensions of your house to cue how you want to arrange your boulders.

Experiment with the placement of boulders in your yard to create some variety. Placing your boulders in the same direction can give the garden an artificial feel. For a more natural look, you can try placing some upright and laying some of the boulders down. You can also try leaning them up against each other. Putting them in different directions and positions can make your landscape appear less deliberate.

Incorporate Boulders Into Your Rock Garden

Adding boulders can create some inspiration for your landscape design. When you put three or even five boulders in your landscape, you add some mystique to your rock garden. It seems odd numbers tend to work the best. You will notice that as you put large boulders into your garden flow will begin to appear. The landscaping of gravel and smaller rocks will be easier to place.

The Wrap Up

There are many ways you can incorporate boulders into your garden. When adding boulders to your garden, go for the bigger rocks. Add levels to your garden. Organize rocks by shape, color, or size to add drama. Use different color rocks to create a mood in your yard. Textures can be a great way to create contrast. Use lighting to highlight your boulders. You can use the boulders to highlight a theme to your garden.

Even with these ideas, you may still be unsure of how to incorporate boulders into your yard. You can ask a landscape contractor to help you design a beautiful garden. Your contractor can help you incorporate artificial turf in Las Vegas or turf grass into your design.