6 Reasons Artificial Grass May Be Better Than a Natural Lawn

When people picture their forever home, they are likely imagining a beautiful, welcoming door, amazing garage, and a bright green lawn. However, reality and daydreaming don’t tend to mix that well. Let’s take the lawn, for example. Although everyone wants a bright and lush green lawn, the work and cost to make that happen are often out of the range of most homeowners. So, what options do you have? Artificial grass is quickly becoming the go-to add-on for homeowners who want to take their lawn to the next level, but is it worth it? Read on further to learn the top six reasons why artificial grass may be better than a natural lawn.

6. Artificial Grass and Its Incredible Utility Savings

One of the biggest reasons why homeowners tend to go with artificial grass is due to the enormous costs of maintaining a natural lawn. This is especially prevalent within desert climates such as Las Vegas and why artificial grass Las Vegas companies will often have success within them. So, what makes natural lawns so expensive? As stated above, natural lawns (especially those within desert climates) tend to need a lot of water to keep that green lush look. That type of irrigation requirements can push water utility bills through the roof. Although artificial lawns do need to be cleaned with water, it is not required to do so every single day nor every other day out of the week. In terms of how much water you can save, some experts have stated that homeowners could save up to 44,000 gallons per year for homeowners with an 800-square-foot lawn.

5. Children and Pet Safety

It takes a lot of work, which goes beyond watering, to make sure that a lawn is looking great. Homeowners need to spray a variety of poisons and fertilizer chemicals to ensure the survival of the grass against insects and weeds. All these chemicals can place small children and pets in danger if they go on to consume parts of your lawn. In fact, many cities across the country require that artificial lawns are put in place to prevent such tragedies from occurring. Some homeowners attempt to place landscape rocks in Las Vegas yards, but they can only do so much to protect children and pets.

4. Potential Home Value Increase

When it’s time to begin looking for a new home, you are going to be tasked with the challenge of making your home as appealing as possible for potential buyers. Two things that buyers are going to be looking for is curb appeal and low-maintenance property. Artificial lawns provide homeowners with the ability to present both to potential buyers. Of course, some buyers may want the real deal, but if you can present to them the advantages listed here, you’re likely to be able to persuade them to look over this detail.

3. You Never Have to Mow Again

Speak to most homeowners, and they will tell you that one of the most frustrating chores is having to mow their lawn every week. Mowing the lawn is not only time-consuming, but you’re likely going to need to invest in gardening equipment such as mowers, trash bags, and rakes, to name a few. Those are expenses that some people simply cannot have on their books. Artificial lawns allow homeowners to enjoy a perfectly manicured lawn year in and year out without the need to have to mow it or buy expensive gardening materials.

2. Dogs Won’t Dig Up Artificial Lawns

Homeowners who are also dog lovers understand that dogs love to dig and chew up on lawns. If they see even the smallest hole in the lawn, they will begin to dig and dig until they either find what they are looking for or until they fall asleep under the warm sun. Although adorable to see, the fact is that your lawn is not going to be looking its best afterward. The great thing about artificial lawns is that dogs will usually ignore it. This means no random holes around your lawn or bud paw prints within your home. So, what about when they leave a mess behind? Fortunately, artificial lawns are extremely easy to clean up. All you need is to simply wash it away with a water hose, and your lawn is back looking pristine.

1. Low Maintenance

Although we mentioned above that you no longer have to worry about mowing, that is just one of the maintenance tasks that would have taken your time. Natural lawns require so much more than mowing to keep them looking great. However, all those tasks go out the window with an artificial lawn. Now, artificial lawns do need some maintenance, but it is relatively low. For example, if areas of your lawn are constantly being stepped on, you may need to fluff that particular area with a bristle broom every few weeks.