Backyard Lighting to Create an Entertainment Space

You love to use your backyard and patio for fun summer gatherings, yet usually these shindigs all take place during the day. That means you have had to buy turf in Las Vegas, patio covers, and lots of fans to keep guests cool and comfortable under the summer sun. But if you’re tired of sweating it out during your parties, then it’s time to carry on the party well into the night. The only problem is: lighting! Well, we want help you light up the night, so below are some cool electric ways to use backyard lighting to create an entertainment space for your night soirées.

String Lights

One of the simplest ways to create a nice ambience for your night gatherings is by using string lights. These comes in all different shapes and sizes, including cool old-fashioned light bulbs, stars, and lanterns. You can use them just about anywhere in your backyard, as well, including stringing them around tree trunks, laying them in bushes, or outlining a patio cover. Once turned on, they add a nice magical touch to the space.

Fire Lights

If you have some open space in your backyard, then one cool thing to do is build a fire pit area. This can act as a great gathering spot for your parties where guest can talk and mingles as they stand before a dancing fire that gives off the perfect reddish glow.

Path Lights

Another great way to create an entertainment space with lighting is to add different pathway lights to your backyard. Often, in the dark, it’s tough to see stone pavers or walkways, so your guests usually need a little help navigating the space.

Backyard Lighting in Color

Using colored lighting can also bring a space alive and transform it from a boring backyard to a party full of life and color. There are lots of options for adding pops or color throughout your space, including solar-powered lanterns, spotlights, and glass lighted globes.