Best Flower Colors for Sandy Desert Landscaping

Landscaping can be difficult because it’s easy to do too much or too little and have the whole design look bad. Picking the right color is essential because you don’t want desert flowers that contrast the design too much or too little. Choosing the perfect balance of colors will make your landscaping pop without being obtrusive to the eyes.

Yellow Desert Flowers

Yellow is a good color for flower landscaping with a sandy brown palette because it contrasts the background without being too strong. It actually complements the color and works with it, but contrasts enough where the yellow flowers will be easy to see. If you want your landscaping to look as natural as possible, then it might be best to use a majority of yellow flowers and then a sparing amount of other colors, so they really pop without hurting the eyes.

Remember that when you buy pavers in Las Vegas that they work with the flowers as well. You want all the colors to be balanced.

Red Flowers

Red flowers work quite well with sandy yard palettes if you use them sparingly. These contrast more than yellow. If you are using a mixed amount of green and sandy brown, then red flowers can be used liberally. If you are primarily designing with sandy rocks, then it’s best to use less red so that it doesn’t hurt the eyes.

If you balance the amount of red used, then this will be one of the best colors in your yard. It’s important that you don’t use it too much because the red can draw too much attention to itself.

Purple Flowers

Much like red, purple is great if you want an element that really pops. It works well with yellow when used sparingly and it a very strong accent with the sandy brown. This will be a strong contrast to the stone, so be sure it’s not used too much. If you use the right amount, then this will be a wonderful asset to your landscaping.