Angular Gravel, River Rocks and Your Landscape Design

Creating an eye-catching landscape design with a pleasant curb appeal is one way you can preserve or increase the value of your property. By adding touches of angular gravel or river rocks to your design, you can create points of focus and designate pathways around your yard.

What’s the Difference Between Angular Gravel and Round River Rocks?

Knowing the difference between angular gravel and river rock is the first step to choosing one or both to use in your landscape design. Both options provide excellent drainage and appealing views.

  • Angular gravel is ground from larger rocks by machines.
  • Round river rocks are usually mined in their natural, smooth state.

Incorporating Pavers for the Yard into Your Landscape Design

Whether you choose river rock decorations or opt for angular gravel instead, pavers in Las Vegas can help you create designated walkways across your property or from focus point to focus point in your yard.

There are many colors and types of angular gravel and river rock, so the perfect combination shouldn’t be hard to find. You can contrast colors as well the angles of gravel with the round pebbles of the river rock. Working with a landscape design or real estate professional is the best way to make sure you’re spending your money wisely and getting the most out of every design dollar.