Create a Lovely Backyard by Installing Pavers

Whether you want to create a winding walkway for your backyard or set up a beautiful new patio area, patio pavers are a great solution. Paver stones are extremely durable and require very little maintenance over time, and depending on the size of the project, you could complete the job in just a weekend. Check out these important tips for installing pavers from your one-stop-shop for patio pavers in Las Vegas.

Plan Materials and Measure for the Patio Foundation When Installing Pavers

Every home improvement job needs to begin with careful planning and exact measuring and installing patio pavers is no exception. Using a tape measure, get the square footage for the area where you will be laying the pavers whether for a patio or a walkway. Use that square footage to determine how many stones will be required for the job and to make sure you have the proper amounts of paver sand and gravel for the base of the project.

Clear the Path for the Patio Pavers

After you have determined where your project will be placed and how much material will be required, get busy removing dirt and grass from the area where the stones will be placed. A shovel or spade should do the job efficiently. Again, be sure to measure carefully as you want the ground to slightly slope away from your home to ensure proper drainage of rainwater. Typically, a slope of one inch for every eight feet of area is enough to keep water directed off the patio surface.

Begin the Layering Process and Complete Your Project

Once your patio or walkway area is cleared, you will want to add 4-6 inches of gravel as the base of the project. If you have access to a landscape rake, this can help in compacting the gravel into a firm layer. Next, you will layer on the paver sand, being careful to level the sand as you go and to avoid stepping on an area that has already been leveled. Then begin laying the paver stones into place snuggly against one another. Once all the stones are in place, add an additional light layer of sand, and use a broom to push it into place, filling the cracks between the stones.