The climate in Las Vegas makes it hard for homeowners to grow colorful flowers and plants. When you do have some plants growing on your lawn, you’ll want to add a paver walkway to keep visitors from walking across those plants. Walkways made from pavers have some nice benefits that you can learn about before you build.

Color Options

When choosing certain types of building materials, you’ll find yourself limited to a small number of colors. Those colors are generally more neutral shades like brown or orange. Pavers come in other colors that you can use to complement the trim color on your home, highlight some of the plants growing around your lawn or match to the decorations used on your patio.

Works with All Designs

With paver stones found in Las Vegas, homeowners will find that they can use those pavers to build any type of design they have in mind. Though pavers usually have flat sides, you can arrange the pieces in different ways to create circular shapes and rounded designs. You might create a walkway that connects to a deck around a swimming pool or to the raised edges of your flower beds. Pavers also come in different sizes that you can use to highlight certain areas of your lawn and to differentiate between spaces.

Protect Your Lawn

The biggest reason to choose pavers for a walkway is because you can protect your lawn. Using pavers to create a pathway from the driveway or the street to your front door shows visitors where they can walk without requiring that you put up “keep off the grass” signs. Pavers are also great for outlining the flower beds and garden spaces around your lawn to keep guests from walking through your plants and flowers. While you can build a walkway from other types of materials, pavers are often the best choice for Vegas homeowners who want to protect their lawns.