Why Build a Patio From Flagstone?

Adding a patio onto your home gives you the perfect place for entertaining the groups of friends you invite over, having fun with your family or relaxing after a long day at work. While you can use many different materials for a new patio, once you look at the benefits of flagstone, you won’t want to use any other material. When choosing flagstones in Las Vegas, a professional rock supplier can help you find the best options for your house.

Color Choices

One reason many homeowners pick flagstone for their patios is because this natural stone comes in a number of attractive colors. You can match the color of the flagstone to the paint on the exterior of your home, your patio furniture and decorations you want to use or some of the plants growing in your yard. As flagstone is a natural type of stone, it has color gradations that other stones lack. This gives your patio a completely custom look.


Many homeowners do not realize that they can choose between natural stones and cut stones. With natural stones, companies use tools and equipment to break the stones into smaller pieces. This keeps the stones from looking too similar. Companies can also use rock cutting tools to break those slabs down into small pieces that are the exact same size, shape and even thickness. Cut flagstones are better for retaining walls and walkways than patios, but you can choose cut stones to create a completely uniform patio.

No Movement

With professional patio installation, you’ll never worry about those stones moving. DIY patios often have stones that move quite a bit as the temperature rises and falls or after rainstorms. Any liquid that gets underneath the stones can cause each one to shift. Professional installers will use dirt and sand to make the stones sit level with each other and to keep the stones from moving. As flagstones come in different colors and sizes, you can work with a patio company to design a custom space that works with the overall look of your home.