How to Choose Landscape Rocks for a Smaller Yard

Having a smaller yard makes decorating a little harder. However, you can accomplish it by choosing the right landscape rocks in Las Vegas. Choosing the right size and color can make your yard look much larger and more attractive. This guide will help ensure your yard looks amazing when you’re finished.

Picking the Right Size

The size of your landscaping rocks plays a huge role in how big your yard looks. Using larger rocks with a small space will take up too much room and will make your yard appear smaller than it really is. If you want to make your yard look larger, then it’s best to choose medium to smaller rocks. These will work well with the size of your yard and will also make your landscaping look impressive despite the smaller size.

Use Lighter Colors

Decorative rocks come in many different colors. You can choose from brown, red, yellow, white and many others. The color itself often isn’t important when it comes to smaller yards, but you should pay attention to how bright the stone is. Darker colors look amazing with some yards, but they can make a yard look smaller and this isn’t good if you’re decorating a small yard. It’s in your best interest to use lighter colors because these reflect light better and will make your yard look much larger than it is.

Functional Design

This largely depends on how much spare room you have in your yard, but it’s best to consider how your design will use up the space in your yard. Creating a more functional design where the rocks are used in a walkway or similar space that will add to the yard rather than prevent the space from being used. This allows your yard to maintain the same amount of usable space while elevating it with a great design.