Improving your home’s curb appeal can add property value and help you achieve the look and feel you have always envisioned for your front yard. Here are some easy ways you can transform your home over the weekend.

How to Transform Your Lawn

If you are searching for ways to boost curb appeal, you most likely already have an image in mind about how your home will look afterwards. However, without proper organization and budgeting, what seems like a simple project could turn into a nightmare, especially if you have no previous experience. Improving the way your house looks from the street view can be as easy as placing some landscape rocks and planting colorful flowers and shrubs. Here are some simple ways you can make your lawn more attractive over the weekend.

Spend Time Manicuring Your Lawn

Spend some time pulling ugly weeds or dead plants, picking up branches and raking leaves. Manicure your lawn by mowing the grass and using an edger to remove grass that is close to the sidewalk. One of the best ways to make your driveway and walkways look brand new is to pressure wash them. As long as you’re careful, you can even pressure wash the siding on your house, the exterior of your garage door and the fence.

Add the Extras

After you have removed dead plants and weeds, plant some beautiful flowers. Promote growth, prevent future weeds from developing and add a pop of color to your garden by adding mulch. You can easily create a pathway to a garden area by laying down some large landscape rocks. This will draw the eye to the newly planted garden from the street view, which will instantly improve the overall way the exterior of your home will look, as well as your lawn.

Gain Inspiration from Your Neighbors

If you are finding it difficult to get inspiration and come up with creative ideas, take a cue from your neighbors. Are there elements to their lawn that you like? Are there specific colors that many houses feature in your neighborhood? Remember that if you goal is to improve curb appeal, if you choose elements that do not blend well with other houses it could cause yours to stick out like a sore thumb and take away from your main goal.