In todays day and age, stress is at an all time high. Between work, home and social life, it can be hard to relax. Building a rock garden in your backyard might just be the key you have been looking for. The Japanese have long used rock or zen gardens as a way to become closer to nature and aid in meditative practices. The rock garden is a dry landscape of meticulously composed elements usually meant to be enjoyed from one viewpoint. These gardens have existed in Japan since the 11th century but have recently been found in many countries outside of Japan.

Rock selection matters

As outlined in our previous post rocks and stones are not the same thing. This is especially true when considering a traditional rock garden. Rocks, which are more natural and jagged, are primarily used to create mountains. Stones, which are smoother and more rounded, are primarily used to create the borders of rivers.

pebble path

Arrangement matters too

In traditional rock gardens, the arrangement is used to portray an idea or message. Different combinations, such as rocks grouped together or a short and tall rock grouped, can symbolize different time periods and even political messages. Although you do not have to arrange your rocks in the traditional manner, there should be some reasoning to the arrangement.

rocks stacked

Traditional rock gardens have long been a place where Buddhists have gone to meditate and channel spirituality. Building a rock garden in your own backyard could provide you with a quiet place to ponder, breathe and relax.  By transforming your back yard you may just find your inner peace.  Using decorative rocks in Las Vegas to build a rock garden can also conserve water use, lowering your bills therefore lowering your stress!