Backyard Obstacle Course Playgrounds

Obstacle courses can provide your family with both entertainment and fitness. A supplier of landscape rocks in Las Vegas ca help families construct their dream playground in their backyard.

Plan Your Build

The first step is to plan your obstacle. While it is possible to build an obstacle course from a kit, it’s a lot more fun to design and build your own. Here are some things to consider when planning your obstacle.
• Area to be covered – measure the amount of space you have for your obstacle course. Make sure to allow enough space to allow for movement on all sides of the obstacle.
• Purpose – is the obstacle course strictly for fun or will you be using it as a training tool? The purpose of the course will determine what type of obstacles you choose to incorporate.
• Age of users – An obstacle course designed for small children will offer from one for teens or adults.
• What kind of obstacles? Take inspiration from television obstacle course shows, the military, sports teams training grounds, or cruise the Internet for plans, etc.

Gather Your Materials

You don’t have to buy all your materials. One popular obstacle consists of taking used truck tires (which you can often get for free) and painting them in bright colors. Do as much scrounging as you desire to keep costs down. If there is a paint-recycler in your area, they will often let you take leftover paint for free it a nominal charge to use in your product.

Once you’ve scrounged, make a list of all the rest of the items you need and head to your local hardware store. Don’t forget any landscaping you wish to do as part of the course as well, so a trip to a nursery might be called for as well.

Put It All Together in the Backyard

With materials in hand, map out the obstacle course and place the materials for each obstacle in position around the yard. Build each obstacle, cleaning up the work site as you go to minimize accidents.

With proper planning and design and a little hard work and sweat, you can have your very own obstacle course in your backyard.