Water Features Add Beauty Without Maintenance

When designing the landscaping for your home, there is always a battle between having a lush and rich landscape while not wanting to maintain it. Water features are a fantastic way to have the best of both worlds. Especially in the harsh desert climate of Las Vegas, maintaining a lawn or other complicated foliage can be a hassle or even impossible. Thus, it is a great idea to look to other means of enhancing your yard. A water feature adds beauty, interest, and character without requiring the maintenance of other options. Continuing this theme, many homeowners opt to combine a water feature with artificial grass in Las Vegas to have the ultimate no-maintenance paradise.

Low Flow Is the Way to Go

The primary challenge of having a water feature in a desert climate is the scarcity of water. Because of the hot and dry conditions, the water incorporated into any fountain or feature has a propensity to evaporate. To minimize this effect, make the movement of your water feature as slow and gentle as possible. The less the water is disturbed, the less it will want to evaporate.

Avoid Dark Colors

Another method of reducing evaporation and making your water feature as enjoyable as possible is to keep it as lightly colored as possible. Light colors absurd less of the sun’s heat. But keeping your fountain cooler is not just about water conservation. Sticking with lighter colors will also make your yard safer for pets or children by reducing the risk of burns.

Consult With an Expert

A water feature is an ideal way to add beauty and luxury to your yard. However, construction and design are jobs best left to professionals. Thus, make sure you choose a reputable and professional company so you can get the most out of your water feature plans.