Many Las Vegas homes emulate a unique style of housing, incorporating an adobe look with contemporary architecture. The installation of paving stones, or “pavers,”  into your landscape mixes the two, giving your home a modern, southwestern appeal.

Decorative paver types, including natural stone, brick, and concrete, can be laid on top of a multitude of surfaces, including concrete. That’s good news when you are thinking of updating an existing driveway, walkway, or concrete patio. With the ease of placing pavers over concrete, you’re guaranteed an easy, proper installation and a charming new landscape.

Outdoor patio overlooking mountains

Prepping for the installment involves pressure cleaning and removing dirt, rocks, and debris from the surface of the concrete. Once the prepping is complete, lay a dry-setting material–such as mortar, a material used to fill the gaps between blocks–and bind them together on top of your pre-existing concrete. Placing pavers directly over concrete and mortar will avoid cracking, unwanted grass between gaps, and uneven surface areas. Important tools to use are a leveler (to create even placements), and a masonry saw (to cut pavers as needed for borders and to fill spaces).

Once all the pavers have been installed and the borders set, wash in a small amount of mason sand to fill in the gaps. Make sure to thoroughly soak pavers; then allow to set, or cure, for 48 hours before use. And there you have it! 

 Pavers placed on exterior walking path

A home’s exterior walking path is more attractive with pavers. Photo courtesy of Gregory Garnich

With a day or two of work, your new landscape design will stand out in your neighborhood. So, if you’re looking to do a minor yet impactful update to your yard, remember that old-fashioned concrete landscaping carries the potential to grow into a beautiful scenery of elaborate patterns with the ease of installing pavers over concrete.

If you are looking to update your old patio and have questions about paver installation, please feel free to call Parsons Rocks today! We would love to help.