Tips to Maintain Your Artificial Grass

There are countless benefits to choosing artificial grass to landscape your outdoor space, such as minimal yard work and longevity. After the installation of your synthetic turf, it is vital to know how to maintain it properly. Following these tips will help to keep your lawn looking beautiful and green for a very long time.

Brush, Brush, Brush

One of the best ways to maintain your artificial turf is to invest in a brush that has synthetic bristles. Brushing your lawn in a cross pattern can help any trampled grass to stand upright again. Be sure to pay attention to areas where there is usually a lot of foot traffic and take your time to brush out any matted areas. Cross-brushing regularly will prevent fading of your lawn and help to maintain the upkeep of your artificial grass in Las Vegas.

Clean Up After Pets

Looking after your grass is crucial for those of you who might be pet owners. Artificial grass has many benefits for those of us who have pets. Pet waste does not damage artificial turf in the way that it might permanently alter real grass. While this fact is true, it is still essential that you pick up after your pets to prevent staining. Merely use a hose to rinse away any pet waste, and your lawn should look good as new.

Stain Be Gone

If your artificial grass does happen to get stained, you want to make sure that you’re cleaning it up as soon as possible. For everyday wear and tear such as dirt or debris, you can do a simple rinse with a hose. For more heavy duty stains you can dilute a household detergent and blot the area until the stain begins to lift. Once the majority of the blemish is gone, you can follow up with a rinse. Make sure to stay away from powerful cleaning agents that contain strong acids or bleach.