Selecting Pavers That Fit Your Home and Enhance Your Outdoor Space

When you next walk across paving stones notice how they contribute to the look and feel of your surroundings. Choosing pavers in Las Vegas that fit your home and its architecture will unite your outdoor and indoor living spaces and allow your indoor décor to flow smoothly into your outdoor space.

Pavers for a Classic Look

To select pavers for a classic look, consider pavers that duplicate the look of worn bricks or cut stones like plaza pavers. Brick pavers can be laid out to call to mind quaint brick streets, and they can enhance both casual and formal architectural and décor styles. Other styles of pavers reflect the more formal look of the piazzas from the Italian Renaissance. Both brick and plaza style pavers, among others, can be laid out in a basketweave, herringbone, or I-pattern contained within a border of pavers laid vertically or horizontally.

Pavers for a Modern Look

Pavers for a modern look have straight edges that aid in creating clean, clear lines. Look for pavers with sharp, geometric shapes. Pavers with a modern look coordinate well with industrial, mid-century modern, Hygge, and minimalist styles, but they also would enhance the clean, uncluttered Oriental style of a meditation space. Brick and rectangular or square cut pavers with rounded edges and worn look also coordinate with industrial and Scandinavian styles. Stress the sparse minimalism for a more formal look. Add a wood-burning, antique-looking stove, throw pillows, and afghans for a more casual look

Pavers for a Natural Look to Fit Your Home

Pavers for a natural look duplicate a variety of types of stone embedded with the colors of the minerals those stones contain. They may have the straighter edges of cut stone, or they may have the more irregular shape of stone split along the fracture line of the minerals it contains. You may think of the natural look as being casual and informal, but pavers with a natural look would also complement the more formal landscaping style of a Victorian or English country garden.