How to Choose the Best Boulders for Landscaping

While many people are looking to buy pavers in Las Vegas, boulders are equally important to landscape design. They act as major focal points and draw the eye to specific areas. Smaller paving stones are great for making an aesthetic, but boulders are a centerpiece that ties the whole design together. This guide will help you select the right boulders for your yard.

Choosing the Right Color

Boulders are meant to act as accents and focal points. Picking the right color is crucial in order to achieve this. Choosing a boring and bland color will make the boulder fade into the background unless you have a strong contrast like colorful plants. You can often find boulders in a variety of colors like gold, gray, white, copper and pink. It’s acceptable to use other nearby elements to really make the boulders stand out.

Keeping the Scale

Boulders are meant to draw attention and they must be sized properly to do this. If the rocks are too small, then they’ll look underwhelming and the design will fall flat. If they are too large, then it seems they’re desperate for attention. You must select a size that is in the middle and that is just large enough for your landscaping but not too large.

Some people will try to keep costs down by using several smaller boulders instead of one large boulder. This makes sense when you look at finances, but the result is often underwhelming. Choose the right boulder from the start and you’ll be good.

Boulder Shapes

Boulders come in a variety of shapes and each one is used for different purposes. Tall boulders are good in the center of other boulders as it attracts attention while the smaller boulders will round out the design. Round boulders are balanced and can be used nearly anywhere. Wide boulders make people look at the whole area. Choose the boulder shapes that best work with the aesthetic you are trying to achieve.