Getting the Right Paver Sizes for Landscaping

There are many different paver sizes to choose from. Finding the right one can be difficult. This will help you consider the right factors so that you choose the proper size for your needs. It’s easy once you know the important factors.

Paver Sizes for Patterns

The very first thing you should consider is your pattern. This is a matter of aesthetics and every pattern is different. Some patterns for patio pavers in Las Vegas small stones, other patterns need larger stones and some patterns require a variety of measurements. You may also find that some patterns call for common pavers while others might need irregular sizes.

That’s why considering your pattern first is very important. This will dictate your paver measurements.

Paving Area

You will also want to consider the area where you’re placing the pavers. The paver size will usually work in conjunction with the area. It might sound simple, but larger areas typically have larger stones while smaller areas have smaller stones. There are exceptions to this. For example, many people have walkways that are fairly narrow, but they use larger stones. You may also want to make a statement by using stones go against the area’s size. Using larger stones in a small area can draw the eye to that area.

In a conventional sense you will normally want to match the area with the stone size.

Space Between Stones

Another consideration to make is whether you want space between the stones. This allows grass to grow up and around the stone, which many people like. Not only that, but this allows you to use fewer stones and to reduce the overall cost. While smaller stones can be used here, they will have a harder time competing with grass. Larger stones are better in this case as you will still see them even as grass grows around them.