Improving curb appeal and functionality in your yard may be as easy as updating your landscaping rocks.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Landscaping Rocks

Homeowners want to have gorgeous curb appeal, but you may be aware that the yard should be functional and easy to maintain if you want to maximize your enjoyment from the space. There are numerous options to consider to improve both functionality and curb appeal, but investing in new landscape rocks may be one of the top options available.

The Size and Shape of the Rocks

One factor to think about when choosing your landscaping rocks is the size and shape. Some, such as flagstone, are large and flat. These may be ideal to use for pathways and patios where a firm, flat surface is desired. Crushed gravel is another great option for these areas, and it has more give than flagstone has. These are only a few of the many types of rocks available for use in your landscape design, so pay attention to the features of the rocks to make a better decision.

The Purpose of the Rocks

The purpose or use of the rocks is also critical to consider when making a selection. For example, some rocks may be placed in garden areas to keep weeds at bay and to add aesthetic charm. Everything from pea-sized gravel or rocks to river rocks, lava rocks and more may work well for this type of function. Consider if the rocks will be walked on or will be in an out of the way area of the yard before you make your decision about which type to select.