Flagstone comes in a variety of colors, and each originates in a certain region of North America. Learn more about these colors and regions.

The Colors of Flagstone and Where They Are Quarried

Flagstone originates from sedimentary stone, and its color depends on where in North America it develops. Although certain colors develop in specific regions, each piece of flagstone has its own unique markings. This means that no two pieces are the same, which is what’s so appealing for property owners looking for flagstone in Las Vegas. You can become familiar with where certain flagstone colors come from before making any decisions.

Western and Northwestern United States

People have been excavating flagstone in the Western United States for centuries. Ash Fork, Arizona, is known as the Flagstone Capital of the World, which produces warm sandstone colors such as oranges and reds. Flagstone quarried in the Northwest mostly consists of quartz. Derived from sandstone, it comes in cool colors that range from gray to green, but warm orange and red colors are naturally mixed throughout.

Central and Great Lakes Regions

In the Central United States, the flagstone comes in light hues of blue, gray and brown. These are mainly excavated in Colorado, Montana and Kansas and then shipped across the country because of their popularity. Flagstone from the central region is also very high quality. Mostly quarried in Minnesota, flagstone from the Great Lakes region is brown, gold and gray in color, but light blues and grays may be mixed in as well.

Northeastern and Southeastern United States

The mountains of north-central Pennsylvania are where most of the flagstone is quarried in the Northeast. Although the most popular color is Pennsylvania Bluestone, the flagstone in this region is available in warm and cool colors. There are also varied colors of flagstone quarried in the Southeast, but darker colors are more plentiful. Most Southeast flagstone is sourced from the Carolina Slate Belt, an evenly spaced bedding that crosses North Carolina.

Western and Eastern Canada

Canada is one of the top importers and exporters of flagstone. There are several quarries along the Fraser River in British Columbia, which is in Western Canada, that provide a variety of brown, gray, blue and gold tones. These earthy colors are great if you’re adding a sense of calm to your outdoor living space. In Eastern Canada, you will find light blue and brown flagstone, which is primarily quarried in Southern Ontario and Quebec.