Top Causes of Shifting Flagstones

When you pay contractors and other professionals to install a flagstone patio for you, you expect those stones to look great years later. Environmental conditions and other factors can make those stones shift, which will change the look of your patio. Shifting stones can even make using that patio dangerous. You can easily look at some of the common causes of shifting flagstones before deciding what to do.

Poor Irrigation

Poor irrigation or a lack of irrigation can cause the stones in your patio to shift. This can occur because you do not have proper drainage, which lets water that falls on your patio to sink beneath the stones. It can also occur because of a plumbing leak under ground. As the water builds up, it will cause the channels used to keep the stones in place shift, which will also make the stones shift.

Too Much Weight

For flagstones in Las Vegas, installers recommend these stones for use on patios and pool decks because the stones can withstand heavier weights. You can walk and even run across the surface without worrying about the stones breaking or cracking. Too much weight can make the stones shift though, especially when you use larger appliances or furniture on top. This excess weight can force individual stones or multiple stones to slip out of place.

Plant Roots

When designing your flagstone patio, you need to keep an eye on any plant roots near the patio. Those roots will grow and move in search of water and nutrients. Depending on the size of the roots, they can grow underneath the patio and push up on the bottom, which causes the stones to slip, slide and move into different positions. Even trees across the lawn can have roots that disrupt the stones. Tree and plant roots, a lack of irrigation and too much weight are just some of the common reasons why stones may shift after patio installation.