Save Time With A Low-Maintenance Yard

For many homeowners, the yard is a place where they spend several hours mowing, watering, and trimming each week. Although it may be a beautiful setting, it can require a lot of time and energy with its upkeep. If you want to create a low-maintenance yard that is less demanding, there are a few main changes to make to the setting.

Use Drought-Tolerant Plants

Drought-tolerant plants will not only survive heat waves and warm climates, but they also require less water throughout the week. There are many different types of drought-tolerant plants that don’t have to be cacti or succulents to keep your yard attractive and colorful. Consider adding catmint, which has a lavender color shade and is ideal for borders, containers, and rock gardens. California poppies are also cheery and grow well in the sun even when planted in poor soil.

You can also plant climate-specific grass naturally in specific regions after researching what grows best in the area to ensure your lawn looks attractive and healthy. Turf can also be used if you want to avoid mowing and watering each week.

Add Boulders

Boulders work as a decorative feature that doesn’t need any attention but can fill in bare areas of the yard. You can use boulders to frame pathways or gardens or add them to a corner of the yard that will draw eyes to specific areas of the yard. The boulders Las Vegas can even be paired with crushed stone to fill in flower beds and will create a space that looks manicured and tidy.

Add Potted Plants

Adding potted plants throughout your landscaping can add versatility to the yard and will allow it to be low-maintenance. Using large and small pots can allow you to incorporate more color into the space with pieces that will work as accessories and works of art. Pots are also easy to move around when you want to change up the design of your yard.