Create a Clean Look With Melville Plank Pavers

If you’ve done the hard work of landscaping your front or backyard, then the job is not done yet. Designing and planting beautiful plants and greenery was only the first step of your yard makeover. The next step was artfully using landscape rocks in Las Vegas, and it’s now time to create a clean look with Melville plank pavers.

What Is Melville Plank?

This style of paver is completely modern and timeless. Unlike other types of pavers that have a natural or freewheeling shape, these feature a solid rectangular shape. You can fit them together perfectly to create a clean design for your front or backyard.


The first way that you can use these pavers is by creating a nice patio area. As this type of paver comes in a great geometric shape, you can use them to fill out a large area almost perfectly. You can plan out a square or rectangular patio area and use this style of paver to fill in the entire space. Unlike other pavers, there will be no large gaps, either. These pavers function like a type of outdoor tile. Think of the subway tiles in your kitchen! They come in a nice shade of natural gray, which is the perfect color for a modern patio design.


There’s nothing as unattractive as a plain, old, boring concrete driveway. So why not match the modern facade of your house by using this design? These pavers make a great driveway material. Their size and durability are perfect for any type of driveway.


Last, you can also use these pavers as a border. For example, if you have a large garden that needs a nice modern edging, then these stones can act as a simple border. You can also place them around large trees and use them as edging for bushes and other areas. With their minimalist feel, they add a sparse touch of beauty that complements your garden and yard.