3 Ways to Use Decorative Rocks to Edge Your Garden

Edging a garden bed is a simple way to transform your outdoor space. It’s a versatile finishing touch, and it can be adapted to any style or budget. Whether you want to create a clean space or enhance the beauty of nature, you can find a type of decorative rock that suits your needs. Here are three ideas to get you started on edging a garden with decorative rock.

Go Rustic With Flagstone

Flagstone comes in many colors and shapes, but it most commonly refers to irregular stones used to pave outdoor pathways. It can also be used to edge a garden, adding rustic flair to your backyard. This type of decorative rock is great for people who prefer a picturesque aesthetic to a highly curated one, and it’s often used on cottage-style gardens. Because it comes in many colors, you can choose a shade that complements the plants in your garden.

Add Texture With River Rocks

If you’re looking for an edging option that is low maintenance but high impact, consider river rocks. These rocks are smooth with rounded edges, and they are often used to fill trenches. To edge your garden with river rocks, you will need to create a trench or sink a gutter into the area bordering your garden. Then fill the trench with the perfect river rocks, thereby adding a distinguished finish touch to your flower bed.

Aim for Old-Fashioned With Stone Brick

When considering your options for decorative rock in Las Vegas, you’ve probably seen all types of bricks, ranging from red to recycled. While classic red bricks are the expected option, stone bricks can be used to create a simple, beautiful garden edging. Evoking imagery of crumbling British castles, this variety of brick adds antique ambience to any garden. Best of all, stone brick is relatively affordable! If you’re looking for a simple but statuesque way to edge an English-inspired garden, stone brick is the answer.